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The right
mindset 01.

Age, time and experience create an incomparable asset of skills. The Board is helping organizations to meet challenges where time at the coalface makes a real difference.


boom Wave 02.

The Board’s directors were all born in those years between 1946 and 1964, known as the baby boom. Perhaps this surge in population was incited by the sheer delight...


Issues that matter
to our future 03.

The board’s members will never completely reach agreement when we talk issues. This is an energy we bring to any client project. We will debate and eventually...



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Kevin is a citizen of Brazil and New Zealand. His decades of experience in the South American continent, in CEO and Managing Director positions...
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Kevin Smith
+64 27 296 1947

Gordon started his working life in the 1970’s in the days of black and white Television “Smelling the money,” he started his own ad agency, later selling that and returning...
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Gordon Legge
+64 21 944 985

Apart from a couple of public relations contracts, Tony took an extended break from communications in 2010. Most recently he was working in a family construction business...
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Tony Edmonds
+64 21 446 437

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